Calma Luxury Villas



Calma Villas are located at the seaside village of Sisi on the north shore of the magnificent island of Crete, between Agios Nikolaos (26 km) and Heraklion (39 km).

It is a quiet community next to the sea and has an important history, as it was a commercial port during the age of Minoan civilisation.

With tourism development in recent decades, it has become a popular destination where the charming natural harbour is its trademark.

A walk in nature or a stroll around the shops, the amazing fish tavernas around the harbour and Cretan hospitality are the perfect combination for a quiet and relaxing visit to Sisi at any time of the year.


Magnificent Crete, the island of King Minos, is at the hub of Greece and the Mediterranean.

Its azure waters, infinite natural beauty, startling landscapes and an ideal year-round climate make Crete a heaven on earth.

Once you experience the hospitality, diverse nature, and customs and traditions of Crete first hand and get a taste of mouth-watering Cretan cuisine, you will never forget it.

  • 700 m from the picturesque natural harbour (7 minutes on foot)
  • 800 m from the pharmacy (9 minutes on foot)
  • 350 m from the supermarket (4 minutes on foot)
  • 700 m from the beach (7 minutes on foot)
  • 2.4 km from Avlaki beach (6 minutes by car)
  • 1.4 km from Boufos beach (5 minutes by car)
  • 3.1 km from a petrol station (10 minutes by car)
  • 8 km from Malia Health Centre (14 minutes by car)
  • 39 km from Nikos Kazantzakis Airport in Heraklion (32 minutes by car)
  • 42 km from the port of Heraklion (40 minutes by car)
  • 45 km from Knossos Palace (43 minutes by car)
  • 20 km from Hersonissos town (20 minutes by car)
  • 4.6 km from Malia archaeological site, Minoan palace (7 minutes by car)
  • 10 km from Milatos Cave (15 minutes by car)
  • 26 km from Agios Nikolaos (26 minutes by car)
  • 28 km from Plaka-Elounda (35 minutes by car)
  • 35 km from Lasithi Plateau (59 minutes by car)
  • 22 km from Crete Golf Club (23 minutes by car)
  • 21 km from Acqua Plus Water Park (22 minutes by car)