Best Offer of the Season, enjoy a FREE service package!

One of the (many) reasons you should book your vacation with us, is our latest offer that accompanies the new bookings that are 7 days or longer stay. This latest offer is because we wanted our guests to experience the “concierge” services that our Calma Villas team can organize at the drop of a hat, whenever our guests request something extra for their stay. We have chosen to include in the reservation offer, the most popular and requested services from our previous guests.

9 reasons to stay in a villa over anywhere else

Let's say you have already decided to visit Crete from your “best islands to visit in Greece” list. Now its time to choose between the “best places to stay in Crete. How do you decide where to stay? Do you prefer hotels, resorts, apartments, villas, or something different every day? There is no simple answer as it all comes down to personal preferences and your travel companions. Here are 9 reasons to stay in a villa over anywhere else.